3 reasons social media is important for your business

With the ever growing pressure for us to be active on social media within our personal lives, now our business and working lives too. It couldn’t be more important for you to be ‘accurately active’ on social media or online. Accurately active… What does that mean I hear you say?

Rather than putting the same piece of content out across all the social media channels. It is important that you understand which platform appeals to which audience for a particular piece of content. This is something that can be very underestimated in the SME world. You see it all too often, someone has got their hands on a new piece of content (because they haven’t updated in a while) and they just spam it across all the different platforms with the same text and link on and hope for engagement. Then they feel deflated that they haven’t got any new customers from it and wonders why ‘social media doesn’t work for them.’

Understanding which platform is best for what sort of content you are creating will be pivotal to its success. Being able to break down long form content, video or whatever the type of media it is, into smaller bitesized pieces of ‘micro-content.’ This theme explaining what micro-content is and how you can achieve it will become its own article but for now we will stick to the original plan and share 3 reasons why social media is important for your business.

Attention attention attention

This is a massive point and one that you should definitely take heed of. To try and put it in perspective, here in the UK there has been a new law introduced where you lose your licence if you are caught using your phone while driving. This is only if you have passed your test within the past two years, if you’re after the two years, it’s still 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine!

I mean, if driving isn’t cause enough to completely steal your attention away from your mobile device, then I’m pretty sure that everything else that follows will struggle too. People are checking their social media accounts more than ever with Instagram releasing in June that they have reached a massive 1 billion users. Facebook has over double that with 2.23 billion users, YouTube has a massive 1.8 billion users. Those numbers are astounding when you think about it. It’s mind boggling!

With a third of the world’s population active on social media, if you’re not taking advantage of that attention that is available to you, it is a huge opportunity waiting to be snatched up. If your business isn’t engaging and connecting with others then this is an opportunity that could really help your business grow.

The resolution is easy. Tell your story, who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your insight into the world of whatever it is you do will be unique. Because it’s you that’s making it. You could be sharing on Insta stories what it’s like in the office at 3am putting out fires or you’re showing your excitement for an announcement that’s imminent.

That will not only benefit your business but benefit you! This is because you will be seeing the impact that you can have on people when you chip away, build and become part of that community.

Opportunity to engage directly with potential customers

As per the previous point, with the amount of attention that is being given to the social networks, it is a golden opportunity to really engage and connect with potential clients and customers of your business. The things you can do when you’re regularly updating social media regularly are endless. You can conduct market research on Instagram stories by getting your followers to ask you questions. You could also engage new customers on Facebook Messenger by utilising messenger bots, or reply to people’s feedback on Twitter, the possibilities really are endless.

These are just a few of the campaigns that you can have running on your social networking sites. It will take some time to really get into a proper routine with it all and it will be forever changing with what you do to engage and connect with your followers on social media but it will be an area that will pay dividends in the long run because if you can be there for your customers on every occasion that they need, you will create an environment that they will only speak positively about you and your business.


With you now paying attention to your customers online, you’re regularly engaging with potential clients and running acquisitions using Facebook/Instagram ads with offers and valuable content that people are engaging with. Now it’s the important part, you want to convert the people who are engaging with your business online to convert into sales. Whether thats in person visits to your shop or if you run an e-commerce store and you want them to purchase from there. Or they got so far through the checkout process but never actually got to finish the purchase. What do you do?

There are so many things that you can do to convert the customers that are paying attention to your social networks. You can have retargeting ads running that will show up on a customers feed if they have got so far through the checkout process or you could share a video with them that showed how great the product is. Adding value to their experience with you and your business will be key to converting those engaging to become paying customers. Gary Vaynerchuk speaks about how he guilts people into buying from him because he has added so much value to them before they ever get to the checkout that they feel as though they have to buy from him if they’re in a position to do so.

There will be more content created around each of these points because they are all so important and if you get them right, it can really change your business overnight.


The internet has been around for nearly 30 years, in the grand scheme of things that is no time at all. With the imminent release of 5G around the corner and mobile speeds of potentially 10gbps, this is the dawn of the next frontier when it comes to mobile networks.

This will only drive more people to use the internet on their mobile devices and having your online profiles up to speed with what you and your business is up to will give a true insight for your potential clients or customers. Living your values and giving as much value as possible will be sure to solidify yourself a place in the market.

If you would like to see what Magic Mouse Media are up to across social media, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will be having a YouTube channel being created with loads of valuable content being created.

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