art of smart AOS custom rack build using rainbow spaghetti

Art of Smart: Custom rack build

Art of Smart are a smart home technology installer. They do an absolutely fantastic job on social media (predominently Instagram) but LinkedIn and Facebook too! Rich and the team are ridiculously passionate and innovative in their approach to their work.

Being a bit of a geek, seeing the work that they do up close and personal is an absolute pleasure and delight. It is awesome to get to travel with them and help bring their hard work to life through video.

We have already created 4 videos for AOS but this time it was their Pool House project in Cheshire that we were invited along on to film for them. We are creating a wrap-up video for them but there was quite a lot of footage of Rich building the rack and he mentioned it was something that people request to see quite frequently.

He was told me not to give away all of his secrets or make it a ‘tutorial’ style video but a fast paced overview of a rack build which I think we managed to accomplish with this video.

I really enjoyed making this video for a number of reasons. The first reason is because it is the first ever complete video that I have made from start to finish using Premiere Pro. I have always used Final Cut Pro X up to now but have recently made the decision to jump ship and try my hand at the Adobe Creative Cloud and I must say, my initial experiences using the different softwares, I am impressed!

Second is that we only filmed this on Friday and we have had now (on Sunday) got the video over to Rich and had it signed off after a couple of small amendments that needed to be made.

Finally, I got to use the DJI Ronin-S. What a beautiful piece of kit. Now I know that a good videpgrapher doesn’t need an all singing all dancing piece of kit like a Ronin-S. Using your camera in a creative manner to achieve the cinematic shots IS achievable, however, the use of the gimbal makes it 1,000,000 times easier!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video. Art of Smart are an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with them again in the very near future.

I am proud of this one and happy with the way that it turned out. If this is something that may interest you then drop me an email dom@magicmousemedia.com or head over to Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and pop us a message!

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