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Social Media: Different uses and perks

Social media is a wonderful thing. No matter what platform you primarily spend your time on, or whether you’re barely active on any social media platforms, you can’t deny the incredible effect social media has had on the world. Regardless of its flaws, it really is a great addition for people of all walks to use in their day to day lives.

It gives people a way to learn about the latest news if they are out and about, engage in conversations with people across the world through similar interests, and also gives you the chance to connect and reach out to your friends, and through that, share your life experiences and journey with them.

Looking for the latest ticket information for your favourite band, and when they’ll be touring? Have a check on their Facebook page. Looking to see what Elon Musk’s (often controversial!) thoughts on the current political landscape are? Check his Twitter page! Or perhaps your just wanting to take a second out of your day to enjoy a page full of cute dogs. Yep, there are plenty of those on Instagram too. Aside from using social media for its ‘social’ use, however, is a whole other world.

Social media is now a massive part of any business, and there are many different benefits and uses to each of the social media platforms. In this blog, Magic Mouse Media will be guiding you through the different benefits that you yourself as a business will have for using social media to help enhance your brand, and attract new customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

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So you have a fantastic store selling the latest hi tech gadgets? Or perhaps you own an out of this world restaurant, serving up tasty burgers and creamy pasta dishes? Sure, the people in your local area may not about you, but how do you increase awareness to the surrounding area, and perhaps the world, if you offer shipping elsewhere?

The simple answer, of course, is social media! Around 3.196 billion people worldwide make use of social media, an absolutely staggering number if you take into consideration the worlds population is around 7.7 billion people.

Chances are the majority (if not all) of your target market are out there on different social media platforms. You just need to reach them. Social media is not just for people to connect with brands they are already familiar with. It is also a fantastic way to discover new products and brands. Use this to your advantage.

Having a presence across the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) mean that you have more chance of people being able to find you, and in turn, you have three bites of the cherry in order to reach the many people across these many different platforms.

Generate new leads for your company

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Customers (and especially potential customers!) can communicate with your brand through social media, and also express their thoughts and reviews for your brand through the many different platforms available to them. Generating new leads and attracting new potential customers is also a great boon to having a presence on social media platforms.

Having a presence on social media not only makes your brand appear more trustworthy and authentic, but also, as mentioned before, gives customers a way to communicate with you, and broadcast what you can do to a large audience.

Generating new leads for your company means that you will present people on social media with a solution to their daily problems, and also become their go to business for industry knowledge and solutions.

Boost sales


No matter what you sell, whether you are just a local restaurant, tailor or even an independent crafter making a living through selling through sites like Etsy, social media is a wonderful place to boost your sales and produce more income for your business.

Consider trying to align your sales and marketing goals. Your sales team and marketing team can perform wonders through working together via social media. The right marketing campaign can boost sales tenfold, and presenting solutions for peoples problems can lead to them coming to you then, and in the future, in order to seek resolutions.

Got a new product you’d love to let people know about? Create a Facebook Advert (you can discover more about these at Magic Mouse’s very own guide!)! Or perhaps you are holding a buy one get one free deal? Utilise Instagram’s stories and make use of the colourful filters and geolocation features in order to raise awareness! Or maybe you are opening a brand new restaurant in your local town. Feel free to create a Facebook Event, and spread the word through Twitter using hashtags relevant to your local area!

Team up with influencers

influencer partnership

Social media influencers are people present on a specific social media platform (or many!) who have amassed a large following through their own personality and views. They don’t necessarily have to be linked to a specific industry, but some of them can be linked to sectors such as health and beauty, sports and gaming, or simply just making their audience laugh!

These people are great as they have access to a massive audience of people (potentially across many platforms!), and as such, they may be able to persuade their viewers to lean towards certain views.

So, for example, if you run a great clothing brand, and you send a particular influencer a package containing some of your latest shirts, they can give you a ‘shout out’ on social media, piquing interest in their viewers to check you out, and potentially becoming leads in the process.

It never hurts to reach out to someone you think you could form a partnership with! It’s a win win for both parties, so do some researcher on influencers in your area, and get connecting!

Monitor competitors and what is performing well


Aside from using social media for your own companies benefit, whether it be attracting more customers or selling a new product, you can also use the various platforms at your disposal to view how your competitors are doing, and how much engagement they are receiving on their different posts and advertisements.

More importantly, however, you can use these platforms to see what types of advertising strategies are performing well (and perhaps which ones to avoid doing!). The marketing industry is all about taking inspiration and putting your companies own spin on different ideas, so feel free to pluck different ideas from different companies for your own personal gain.

There are some brands out there with fantastic social media platforms, so get searching! The marketing world is moving fast, so you can’t be left lagging behind.

Reports and Analysis


Marketers look for a ROI (return on investment) to help prove that their different strategies are working out well. Using Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics can help marketers backup their claims, and also helps you narrow down where specific portions of your audience are coming from.

Are they coming to your website through a Facebook Advert? How many people are coming through these adverts? How many email sign-ups are you generating per day? All of this can be found out through a wide range of analytics tools.

Be peoples first thought when they check their platforms

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Around 23% of Facebook users check the platform at least once daily, with 12% of Twitter users checking that particular platform once a day. Using these platforms could be key for your business to grow.

If you post regularly and with good content on these different platforms, with correct hashtags for Twitter and Instagram, and carefully crafted copy-write, you can be at the forefront of peoples timelines, and potentially be the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning.

Be there for the people when they are patrolling their social media sites for something interesting, or something to help them.

Put a ‘face’ to your brand


People like to feel like they are communicating with a person over social media, or engaging with content that feels like it is coming from an actual person, and not like it is merely automated through a system (even though most of the time it is!).

Therefore, be friendly and approachable in interactions! This builds a level of trust, and means a customer is more likely to reach out with an enquiry, as they know they will get a reply that is genuine and helpful from the company, and not just some robotic reply.

‘Humanising’ your brand on social media is a great thing to do, and makes you appear more approachable, and could lead to you potentially being able to sell an item to your audience without them even realising it is a sales driven post, for example.

And that is that for social media!

There’s 8 uses of social media for you to ponder for now! We may follow up this blog article with another one listing more reasons why social media is good for your business (trust us, there is a lot!), but for now, enjoy studying this blog on your morning commute or on your coffee break, and take inspiration for how you can take the social media world by storm!

The Magic Mouse Media Team