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How To: Change Your Cover Banner

When creating a new Twitter profile, whether that be for your own personal use or for business purposes, there are two things you will definitely want to do to ensure your account looks as professional (and in turn, as trustworthy!) as possible. One of these is changing your profile picture, while the other one is changing your cover banner. We’ll be walking you through how to do the latter in this particular Magic Mouse Media guide.

If you aren’t sure what it is, simply head to your own profile on Twitter and take a look at the large rectangular box at the top of your profile. That is where your cover photo/cover banner is located, and if you haven’t already placed something in this space, this part of your profile will be blue. Editing your cover banner is a great way to express yourself. It could be anything from a photo of your city, to something as business orientated as a new product that will be launching soon.

Regardless of what your intentions are, this quick and easy Magic Mouse Media guide will be walking you through how you can change your cover banner to suit your needs. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

How to upload/change your cover banner

To change your cover banner on Twitter, navigate to your profile and click on the button that reads ‘Edit profile’. From here, click ‘Add a header photo’, which will appear on the blue space where your cover banner will be located.

twitter cover banner editing

Select which photo you would like to use to be displayed as your cover banner. Please note that unlike Facebook cover photos, you cannot upload videos or multiple images to your Twitter cover banner….choose wisely! Remember, if this is your personal Twitter account, you have a lot more freedom…upload a picture of your dog, or even the view from your hotel room from your latest trip to Las Vegas! If it is a business account, however, considering putting a banner notifying your followers of a discount code they can use on your website, or perhaps details of a sale currently happening. Even a photo of your business team can be effective, and will help your followers associate faces with a brand!

twitter cover banner adjustment

When a photo has been uploaded, you can reposition the photo or scale it depending on how well it fits into the frame. Take a bit of time with this, and consider using software such as Photoshop to crop the original image if you find it is too big to properly scale and adjust on Twitter. Once you are happy with how the banner looks, click the ‘Apply’ button to upload the photo, and select ‘Save changes’ to confirm and publish your cover banner for the world to see! If you ever want to change your cover banner, the method is exactly the same!

twitter cover published

Done and dusted!

And it really is that simple! For specifications and best practises when it comes to changing your Twitter cover photo, head on over this wonderful page from Snappa for dimensions and all that jazz.

That’s all for this short Magic Mouse Media guide. We’ve got another quick and easy one coming up tomorrow, where we will be showing you how to change your Twitter profile picture! Until then, take care, and see you soon!

The Magic Mouse Media Team