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How To: Change Your Cover Photo

It feels only natural that we follow up our how to guide covering how to change your profile picture with how you can change your cover photo. Like changing your profile picture, changing your cover photo is incredibly easy and simple, and doesn’t require too much effort to do! It’s likely you know what a cover photo is, but if you don’t, it is the large, rectangular image that appears at the top of your profile (this will only appear when someone hovers over your name on, for example, a comment page, or if they are on your profile directly). Your cover photo is another way to express yourself. Got a cool screen grab from a game? Stick it as your banner! Or how about a nice photo from your best friends wedding of all the lads together? Get it put up! Just like your profile picture, let your imagination go wild! You have a bit more freedom here.

When it comes to changing your pages cover picture, you are going to want to put a little bit more thought into it. Implementing three of your best offers in this banner, alongside a quirky graphic, could work effectively, for example! What if we told you you could even have a cover video, as opposed to a photo? Pretty cool, right? Again though, don’t over complicate things. Even a simple shot of your team or front of shop could be sufficient. Again, simple, straight to the point, and professional!

In the latest edition to our Facebook How To Guide, we will be looking at how you can change your cover photo, whether that be for your personal account, or business page. Note that the process of changing your cover photo on your mobile device remains largely the same, and while the layout may differ at times during the process, the specific pages you need to navigate to remain the same. Let’s not waste any more time, and get straight in, shall we?

How to upload/change your cover photo on your personal or page account

To change your cover photo on either your page or personal account, navigate to which one you want to change, and hover over your respective banner photo. Depending on if you already have a picture, this section will be blank, or you will be able to see your current banner photo. Click ‘Change Cover’ to get started.

facebook cover photo update

When you are on your page, you will be given the option to choose to ‘Choose from photos’, ‘Choose from videos’, ‘Upload photo/video’, ‘Edit slideshow’, or ‘Remove’ your current picture. Choose whichever option you need to get underway! Note that choosing from your photos/videos means choosing from photos/videos already on Facebook, while uploading a photo/video means uploading a photo/video from your computer itself.

cover photo slideshow example

One feature to note (exclusive to cover photos) is the slideshow feature. This allows you to display up to 5 photos that users can scroll through via the ‘>’ or ‘<‘ button. They can be used to create unique designs, or simply advertise more things in one space. Keep in mind however, that it is unlikely people will want to scroll through these, and you may want to ‘invite’ people to scroll by adding one part of an image, for example, and then the subsequent parts of the image in the next slides. It’s another option for you to consider of course!

From whichever option you choose, simply follow the onscreen instructions, and it really is as simple as that!

Easy as 1,2,3!

A quick, easy to follow, and pretty straightforward Facebook guide for you today! The choice is entirely up to you as to what you put in your cover picture, but keep in mind it’s best not to over complicate things. A simple shot of the outside of your company, or some of your best offers should suffice. An eye catching banner with your business slogan could be exactly what your page needs, so have a little think about what you want to stick on the banner of your Facebook Page!

The beauty of these cover pictures are that they can be changed any time you want, just like profile pictures, and previous ones can be deleted and/or edited if need be. This goes for videos and slideshows too! It’s best to change these more often than you change your profile picture

For the right sizes and the more technical side of stuff when it comes to cover pictures, there is a great guide from Snappa covering all of that right here! It also has some great tips for what you can include in your banner photo. For video specs, this guide from the Learning Hub | G2 Crowd has everything you need!

Keep you eyes peeled for our next guide, where we may switch over to Twitter for a nice change of pace, before returning to finish off our Facebook guide at a later date! Catch you then!

The Magic Mouse Media Team