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How To: Change Your Profile Picture

If you are reading this, chances are that you know what a profile picture is, and it’s extremely likely that you actually already have one. On your personal account, your profile picture is your chance to show your face to your friends, family and contacts on Facebook. It is your chance for people searching for you to see what you look like quickly and easily. Basically, it’s a great way to show that your specific account is in fact you, and not just another random person sharing the same name as you. This makes it much easier for people wanting to add you to determine if you are the person they are after. It’s always good to attach a name to a face too! Your profile picture can be anything you want, however. If you want it to be Captain America or Black Panther, go ahead!

However, when it comes to your pages profile picture, you are going to want to think a little bit more about what you want your profile picture to be. Consider implementing a QR Code into your picture, or perhaps sneaking some of your best offers in the image somehow! You don’t want to over complicate it, however, and it may just be best to have your business logo as your profile picture. Keep it simple, and straight to the point, but most importantly, professional!

In the latest edition to our Facebook How To Guide, we will be looking at how you can change your profile picture, whether that be for your personal account, or business page. Do note that the process of changing your profile picture on your mobile device remains largely the same, and while the layout may differ, the specific pages you need to navigate to remain the same. Let’s take a look.

How to upload/change your profile picture on your personal or page account

To change your profile picture on either your page or personal account, navigate to which one you want to change, and hover over your respective profile picture. Depending on if you already have a picture, this page will be blank, or you will be able to see your current profile picture. Click ‘Update’ to get started.

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When you are on your page, you will be given the option to choose to ‘Choose from Photos’, ‘Take Photo’, ‘Upload Photo’, or just ‘Remove’ your current profile picture. Choose whichever option you need to get underway! Note that choosing from your photos means choosing from photos already on Facebook, while uploading a photo means uploading a photo from your computer itself.

page profile picture options

From there, it really is as simple as following the on screen instructions for changing your profile picture, and confirming your changes at the end.

And it really is as simple as that!

Another quick and easy Facebook guide to digest for you today. Your profile picture is your chance to showcase your business logo on your page, or your chance to show your face on your personal account. While the choice is entirely up to you as to what you put in your profile picture, we wouldn’t recommend over complicating things. A simple picture of your face on your personal account, and a picture of your logo on your business account will suffice.

The beauty of these profile pictures are that they can be changed any time you want, and previous ones can be deleted and/or edited if need be. So if you fancy a change at some point, or you get sick of looking at the same boring image, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit! Even little changes, such as adding a few stripes of colour here and there, or adding a frame to your personal profile picture could make a big difference. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your picture, so get exploring!

For the right sizes and the more technical side of stuff when it comes to profile pictures, there is a great guide covering all of that right here!

Keep you eyes peeled for our next guide, where we will be walking you through how to change your cover photo! Until next time, farewell!

The Magic Mouse Media Team