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How To: Change Your Profile Picture

In the latest instalment to Magic Mouse Media’s Twitter how to guide, we will be presenting to you another fast and easy guide to digest. Today, we will be looking at something pretty simple….how you can change your profile picture on Twitter!

Uploading a profile picture to your Twitter account is important, whether or not you are running a business account or not, as it gives you the chance to put a face to a name. It will help make your Twitter account more genuine and authentic, and as a result, more people are likely to engage with you, whether that be through following you or replying to any tweets you post. You can find your Twitter profile picture on your user account (located next to your cover banner…find out how to create that here!). It will also appear in a small circle next to any tweets or replies you put out.

When it comes to a personal account, most people will often upload a picture of their face, and it’s recommended that you do the same. However, when it comes to a business page, it may be best to upload your business logo or latest product as a profile picture. Remember you can change it at any point, so it’s recommended you keep it fresh and change it every now and then! Let’s walk you through how you can change your Twitter profile picture….

It’s fast and simple! Head to your profile to get started

As you did when you wanted to change your cover banner, head to your profile and select the ‘Edit profile’ button. Cast your gaze to the circular space to the left of the page. You may already have a photo here, but if you do not, it will be blue with a white camera icon in the middle. Click the words ‘Add a profile picture’ and select ‘Upload photo’. Note that unlike Facebook, you cannot upload a profile video, only a profile picture, and only one at that, so choose wisely!

You can also just click the blue circle with the white camera icon without selecting ‘Edit profile’ to change your profile picture.

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From here, simply browse your files to select which image you want. Once it has been uploaded, you can position and adjust the size of your photo. Make sure that whatever you want to be displayed in your profile picture is located inside the oval, and not in the white area. Once you are happy with how it looks, select ‘Apply’. To confirm it, select ‘Save changes’ to publish your profile picture to the world!

twitter profile picture adjustment


Uploading your profile picture to Twitter really is as simple as that! Remember, if this is your personal account, go wild (within reason) with your profile picture! If it is a business account, however, your business logo should be fine for your Twitter profile picture. For image sizes, dimensions and more, Twitter themselves have this great page packed full of information that can supply you with all you need to know!

Thanks for reading this Magic Mouse Media guide! It’s another short one today, but the next one will have a little more meat on the bones….we’ll be looking at how you can effectively optimise your Twitter account, and taking a look at all the information you should have on there. Take care, and we’ll see you then!

The Magic Mouse Media Team