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How To: Create A Post

I’m pretty confident in saying that every single one of us has created a Facebook post on our personal account at one point or another. Perhaps you were wanting to update your friends how your recent trip to Shanghai went? Or maybe you were wanting to share your views on the latest political debate?

In terms of posting on your business page, however, you may want to inform your followers of a new product, or perhaps an event you are hosting. Posting on your page can be (and should be) completely different to posting on your personal account. Whatever the case may be, posting on your page is a necessity in order to ensure your page doesn’t become dormant. The less frequently you are posting, the less people you could potentially be reminding about your company on a daily basis! There is absolutely no point in you having a Facebook page if you don’t utilise it!

In the latest edition to our Facebook ‘How To’ guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to create a post for your Facebook page (and personal account!), and the different types you can create. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Creating a post for your account or page is pretty simple!

You have a choice as to whether you want to create a post from your personal account, or from your page. You are going to want to make sure you are doing the right one (don’t want to accidentally upload your photos from your drunken night out to your business page by accident, funny as it would be!). To post as yourself, simply navigate to the news feed, and find the box titled ‘Create post’ at the top. Click where it displays ‘What’s on your mind, *name*?’ to start creating.

post user creation

Alternatively, if you want to create a one for your page, navigate to your Facebook page, and find the ‘Create post’ box at the top of your pages feed. Click on ‘Write a post…’ to begin.

post page creation

If you are on a mobile, please note that the creation process is almost identical. Navigate to your own news feed to start posting as yourself, and navigate to to your page to start posting as your page

basic post creation

You want to explore all the different options that are available to you. Never be afraid of trying out a poll on your page, for example. They can be used to get valuable customer feedback! Want to start a live video while you are attending an event? Go for it! You’d be surprised at the good engagement a live video can get. The choice is completely up to you.

No matter what you are posting about, you can publish your post for your audience to see by clicking ‘Share’. Once it is live, you can edit the text (if you have made a typo by accident, or want to add or tag an extra person using the ‘@’ feature!) To edit a post, select the three dots next to the post, and select ‘Edit Post’. Once you are finished editing, click ‘Finished Editing’ to confirm your changes. If you’ve had a change of heart, you can also delete your post through this drop down menu too, or even hide it from the timeline. You have a few options from this drop down menu, so it’s best to familiarise yourself with these too.

editing a post

That’s all folks!

A quick, short, and simple How To guide today! We hope this guide has helped you become more familiar with post creation, and has also opened your eyes to some of the different options available to you when creating a post. We’ll see you next time for how you can change your profile picture! Until then, take care, and farewell!

The Magic Mouse Media Team