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How To Hashtags Part 1 – Using Them In A Post

Hashtags, as we covered in a previous Twitter guide, are powerful tools when it comes to getting your posts viewed by a potentially larger audience than that of just your followers. They are words, phrases, and even sentences that are preceded by the # symbol. Think of them as keywords, if you will. Anyone searching for these ‘keywords’ will be able to find a post which has this ‘keyword’ associated with it. They are used on numerous social media platforms, but are mainly utilised on both Twitter and Instagram, although they can be utilised on other platforms as we mentioned, such as Facebook.

Using them on your personal and/or business account is highly recommended. You can include up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post (with more being available to add in the comment section, fun fact!), and you should think carefully about what hashtags you are using depending on what your post is about. For example, if you are creating a post to advertise a deal of the day on your business page that people should check out on your website, the hashtag ‘#dealoftheday’ is the one for you. If you are posting from a personal account with a picture of a football stadium, the hashtag ‘#football’ would be great to associate with that post. This allows you to get connected with other football fans! Let the likes flow in! This allows people searching for this hashtag to see your post, even if the user in question doesn’t actually follow your account.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to use hashtags for a business or personal account, this Magic Mouse Media guide will help show you how to use hashtags in a post on Instagram.

Include them in the description. Don’t forget the comments too!

It is quite easy to utilise hashtags in an Instagram post. Simply go through the process you normally go through to create a post (if you’re wondering how to do that, Magic Mouse Media have a handy guide covering that right here!), and navigate to the last step, where you will be asked to write a description about your post. This is where you will include your hashtags. To utilise hashtags in your post, simply enter them here! You can include up to 30 here, and it is advised you space out your description like the examples below. It helps make your post easier to read and is much more visually appearing on a timeline. Think about it, people will not want to read hashtags if they follow you. They will just want to read your description. This way, your actual description of the post is the first thing they see under the post. This can be especially important if this is a business post, and you are describing a product, for example, in the post!

Write your description of the post

instagram post description

Add the dots

instagram description spacing

Implement your hashtags. Link them to the post!

instagram hashtags in description

Press ‘OK’ once you are ready to publish your post. Please note that if you go over 30 hashtags, Instagram will automatically remove any hashtags after the 30th hashtag you used. The next step is optional, and that step of course is the ability to include hashtags in your comments. You shouldn’t abuse this privilege though!

And it’s that simple!

Implementing hashtags into a post is really quite simple, and you should begin building a list of different hashtags for each post you put out. This will save time in the long run, and will help you be more productive when it comes to creating different posts. For help with this, be sure to check out Later! It’s a great platform that allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, and also allows you to build up a list of hashtags to use in posts. Trust us, it will make your Instagram marketing so much easier!

That’s all for part one of the hashtag guide on Instagram. Stay tuned for part two very very soon, and keep your eye on our socials for the latest Magic Mouse Media news. Until then, farewell!

The Magic Mouse Media Team