How To: Hashtags Part 1 – Using Them In A Tweet

Hashtags, while appearing simple and easy to understand on the surface, are actually powerful tools that can really enhance your social media marketing when used correctly. They aren’t just fancy symbols to include at the start of certain words! Whether or not you use them for your personal account or business account, it is highly encouraged that (if you want your post to be discovered by people who don’t necessarily follow you of course) you include a selection of carefully selected hashtags in your tweets. You can include a high number of hashtags in your tweet, and you should think carefully about what one you are using depending on what your tweet is about. Twitter themselves actually recommend that you only use up to 2 hashtags per tweet (something we agree with!), but in reality, the number of hashtags is up to you. Do note that if you are posting from a business account though, it is probably best to stick to the recommendation of no more than 2 per post. You don’t want your business page to get flagged for spam after all!

Hashtags are words, phrases, and even sentences that are preceded by the # symbol. They are used on numerous social media platforms, but are mainly utilised on both Twitter and Instagram, although I have seen a few start to pop up on Facebook from time to time! The idea behind them is to associate a tweet with a certain topic. For example, if you are creating a tweet saying how excited you are for Glastonbury 2019, you can use ‘#glastonbury’ to enable your tweet to come up whenever someone searches ‘#glastonbury’ using the search bar, even if the person doesn’t even follow you. They are therefore a great way to expand your reach and enable your posts, tweets, or photos to be seen by people across the globe. Even better, they allow you to engage in conversations and starts conversations around a specific topic. As a result, it is vital that businesses use hashtags when creating posts in order to get bigger exposure and more engagement.

In this latest edition to our Twitter How To Guide, Magic Mouse Media will explain how you can use hashtags in a tweet, and the perks of using them in this manner. Please note that we will be covering how to use hashtags to search and engage in part two of this guide, so keep your eyes out for that! In the meantime, read on to discover more about how you can enhance your tweeting!

Implementing hashtags in your tweets

Whether you are tweeting from a personal account or a business account, hashtags can be implemented in pretty much the same way. While you want to put a bit of thought into how you want to use your hashtags in a business post (for example, if you are a restaurant posting about your latest deal, then ‘#dealoftheday’ may be appropriate!), the rules can be a lot more relaxed if you are posting from your personal account (if you are posting a tweet regarding your drunken adventures in the town last night, ‘#drunk’ will do the job!). Remember, Twitter recommends no more than 2 hashtags per post, but if you absolutely must, Magic Mouse Media believes that up to 5 is alright.

hashtags in a tweet

As you can see above, to include hashtags in your tweet (if you are still confused about how to create a tweet, visit our handy little guide right here!), it really is as simple as putting a # symbol in front of whatever word you want to hashtag. So, if you want to hashtag the word ‘spell’, just type out #spell. You will know the hashtag has been confirmed if the word you have put the symbol in front of turns blue. Once you are done using the hashtag function, press tweet to publish your tweet, and in turn, publish your hashtags.

Once your tweet has been published, you can click on the word with the # symbol in front of it to be taken directly to a results page that will show you every tweet that has that # symbol in front of that specific word. So, for example, clicking on ‘#simple’ will take you to the search results page to show you every tweet with ‘#simple’ included in it. It will even show pages that include the word simple in their name or bio!

hashtag results page

Easy as 1,2,3!

And that is that! Anyone can include a hashtag in their tweet at the end of the day, and even if you aren’t using hashtags to increase your brand exposure, it is a great way to engage and join in a conversation about a particular topic, or to view similar photos and videos of an event you attended. If you get really creative, you can even use the hashtag feature to create a competition of sorts as part of a giveaway to your followers!

The possibilities can be quite endless when it comes to hashtags, and we’ll be going over how you can use hashtags to search and engage in more detail in the second part of our guide, so keep an eye out for that, it is coming very soon! Until then, take care, happy hashtagging, and have fun!

The Magic Mouse Media Team