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How To: Optimise Your Page

Next up in Magic Mouse Media’s How To guide to Twitter, we will be walking you through how you can best optimise your Twitter page, or account in other words. This means that we will be walking you through the different parts of information on your Twitter profile you can (and should!) fill out, such as your bio and location, for example. This will help make your profile appear more genuine, and you can even use a couple of tricks to get more out of your profile. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

Before you go about filling out the rest of your Twitter profile, make sure you have read Magic Mouse Media’s guides on how to update your profile picture and cover photo. You will want to do both of these things in order to effectively optimise your page, and they only take a few minutes each! Once you have done both of these things, come back to this guide to get cracking!

Filling out the important bits

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To start filling out the important bits of your profile (apart from your profile picture and cover banner, which you should already have done), click on ‘Edit profile’. From here, cast your gaze towards the blue box underneath your profile picture. This box will contain white boxes containing the words ‘Name’, ‘Bio’, ‘Location’, ‘Website’ and ‘Birthday’. You will also be able to edit your theme colour, which we will also cover later on in this guide.

‘Name’ should be pretty self explanatory. This is different from your username, and you can use it to either call yourself by your real name (if this is your personal account), or your business name (if this is a business account). For example, Magic Mouse Media’s Twitter name is simple…Magic Mouse Media!

Next up, you should write a short bio. This should give people a brief overview of your account. If this is your personal account, this is your chance to describe yourself a little bit. On the other hand, if this is your business account, you can give people a description of what your business does. The great thing about a bio is that you can include hashtags! This will help optimise your page greatly, as when someone searches for a hashtag you have in your bio, your account will be displayed at the top of the results feed! More exposure through this method is good for you! A bio on Twitter can be 160 characters long, and we would recommend including up to 2 hashtags (don’t spam them!). Consider associating the hashtags used in your bio to what your business offers. This will really help optimise your page. For example, do you run a cinema based in Gosforth? ‘#gosforthcinema’ might just be the perfect hashtag for you!

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Next up, you should fill in your location. Pretty simple, what town/city/country do you currently reside in? If this is your personal account, for safety reasons, you should consider just putting your country. There can be a few strange people out there! However, if you are running a business account, you should definitely put what city you are based in. If you have multiple offices, put your head office location here. This makes it easier for people to find you for business needs, and for businesses wanting to collaborate to see if they are in the same area as you.

Website is next up, and this is pretty self explanatory too. Simply post a link to your website here! This allows potential customers to be redirected to your website from Twitter. It also gives them a handy way to access your main website if they want to check you out after seeing your Twitter profile, even if they don’t end up making a purchase on your website.

Editing your theme colour isn’t too important when it comes to optimising your page. This is more just a personal preference. What colour do you want your Tweet button to be? Sick of blue? Change it to orange and back again at a moments notice. Most people tend to just leave it as the classic Twitter blue however (us included). After all, you can’t beat the classics!

Finally, to finish up with optimising your Twitter, you should include your birthday. For a business account, your ‘birthday’ can be the date your company was set up. It doesn’t really do much other than give your followers a fact about you. This doesn’t mean it is completely useless, however. You could, for example, run social media campaigns around your businesses birthday. Run a giveaway to celebrate!

twitter bio finished

All done!

And that’s it! A slightly more meatier guide than the previous guides we have published, but we hope that they, combined with this guide, have helped you to correctly set up a Twitter account, complete with a profile picture, cover banner, bio and all that jazz. We’ll see you on Monday for the latest how to guide…we wonder what topic we’ll be covering? Until then, take care, and enjoy your weekend!

The Magic Mouse Media Team