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How To: Post a Tweet

Much like Facebook, Twitter offers users the ability to post a short update that includes pictures, videos, or just simply text. Perhaps it was updating your followers on how your latest gig at the Newcastle Arena went? Or maybe you were in awe of Messi’s sublime strike against Manchester United in the Champions League?

In terms of posting on your business account, however, you may want to inform your followers of a new deal they could snap up, or perhaps an upcoming charity event you are hosting. Posting on your business account on Twitter should be different to an update to your personal account, and you should think carefully about each post on your business account. Posting on your Twitter account is a necessity in order to ensure you are frequently putting your products and brand out there, and also frequently engaging with your audience in the right way.

In the latest edition to our Twitter How To guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to create a tweet for your Twitter Account, whether that be for your personal account or business account. Let’s dive in!

Creating a Tweet is fast and easy!

To create a tweet, you are going to want to direct your gaze to the white bar at the top of your page, and select the blue button that says ‘Tweet’ in white writing. Please note that while on the mobile Twitter app, creating a tweet is virtually done via the same process. Once you have clicked Tweet, a box will appear, allowing you to create your Tweet. To publish it, remember to hit the ‘Tweet’ button so people can see what you have posted!

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tweet example

Please note that once you have published a tweet, you can view it by navigating to your profile and looking at your feed. You can’t edit it after you have posted, but there will be a drop down option with a few options available to you, one of them being the ability to delete your tweet if you change your mind about posting it, or spotted an error in your writing somewhere!

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Quick and easy!

And that is that! A really fast and simple guide for you to digest today. Why not try heading over to your Twitter account right now, and creating a test tweet for yourself? Explore the different options available to you, and try creating a tweet with a photo or video, or maybe even a poll if you are feeling brave! Experiment with the character limit, and try to adapt your writing style to include everything you need to include in a single tweet.

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Until next time, take care, and farewell!

The Magic Mouse Media Team