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How To: Set Up A Business Page

Next up, we’ll be looking at how you can set up a business page on the weird and wonderful world of Facebook. As previously mentioned in our last how to guide (check it out here if you need help on setting up a Facebook account!), some people choose to use Facebook as more of a business orientated website, and a lot of that business is done through a page. Setting up a page allows customers a place to find you, view your products and updates, and perhaps most importantly for them, get in touch with you with any questions or (hopefully not!) complaints. For you, it offers a way to showcase your wares and broadcast company updates to a potentially large audience, as well as giving you the option to run different marketing campaigns to assist your business objectives. On top of this, it lets you look at analytics for how your posts and campaigns are performing, and take those analytics on board for the future.

Remember, pages don’t have to be set up to represent a company. You may just want to run a fan page dedicated to pugs or corgis, or perhaps a page where you can broadcast the latest tour updates, music releases, and festival announcements of your favourite band to other like minded people, and it’s absolutely fine to do so! Your page can be whatever you want it to be, and Magic Mouse Media is here to help you set yours up! Let’s go, shall we?

Step 1: How to get started and page type

First up, log into your Facebook account (it could be your brand new account if you followed our previous guide!). From there, cast your gaze to the blue bar at the top, and find the ‘Create’ button. Click on it, and you will be presented with a drop down menu (as seen below). Select ‘Page’ to begin.

facebook page creation

From there, you will be given the choice to create a ‘Business or brand’ or ‘Community or public figure’ page. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to be creating a Business one. Select ‘Get Started’ underneath the picture of the store to continue.

facebook page type

Step 2: Filling out initial details

Next up, you will be asked to fill out some basic information regarding your page. Select a name, what category your page falls under (Think about what your business does for this one. For example, if you are in a digital sector, type in ‘digital’ to see some suggestions you could use. For test purposes, we have chosen ‘Digital Creator’ as the category for our page), and your address (this helps people easily find out where your business is. You can also choose whether to hide your address, and just show the town and or city and region that your business is in if you prefer). You can also choose to add a phone number that people can contact you through, but this is optional. When you are all done, click ‘Continue’.

facebook page details

Step 3: Add a profile picture and cover photo (optional, but recommended!)

This next step is optional, however, we would highly recommend you do it now to save you doing it later (and you definitely shouldn’t not add them!). You’ll need to add a profile picture and cover photo. Your profile picture should be your company logo, while your cover photo could be a certain product you are proud of, your office, or even your team members! Both of these help your page feel more professional, and will make people think that your page is an authentic one, rather than just another page that will post spam and junk at every opportunity!

facebook page profile photo
facebook page cover photo

And voilĂ !

And there it is! From here, you can see your profile and cover photo (you’ll also be given the option to like and follow your own page. Go ahead and do it! Vanity be damned!). We would recommend you click the ‘Share’ button to let your friends know about your page, and you can always use the ‘Invite’ button to send a push notification directly to your friends, telling them to like the page (we would recommend simply messaging people to like it, however. It’s a lot more considerate than just sending them a notification out of the blue, and the chances are they will like it if you just ask them to directly!).

You may notice everything seems a little barren, however. Don’t worry, our next guide will be all about optimising your page, and it will be coming very soon! Keep your eyes peeled, and until then, happy creating!

The Magic Mouse Media Team