instagram account creation

How To: Set Up An Account

Setting up an Instagram account for both personal and business use can be extremely helpful, and is a viable way to help grow your presence online! Many people use Instagram for personal use, following their favourite footballer, uploading pictures of their latest trip to London, and posting photos of their adorable dogs. You can also upload videos, if you are so inclined. Get that video of your drunken mate singing Mr Brightside up on Instagram and help him become a viral hit!

Instagram, however, has a whole other side to it, in the form of advertising, which business accounts utilise to help with sales and brand exposure. Pages don’t exist on Instagram, but you can set up a Instagram account to serve the same purpose as a page on Facebook. You can even switch an account to a business account later on, if need be. Use your business Instagram account to upload pictures of new products, videos of your latest venture to a University fair, and raise awareness for deals and events relating to your business. Don’t forget to engage with other uses, utilise its advertising features, and always be sure to keep an eye on those ever changing trending hashtags.

Whether you are wanting to use Instagram for personal or business use, this account will help you set up an Instagram account quickly and easily. It’s really simple, and should only take you five minutes (maybe even less!). Welcome to the first entry in Magic Mouse Media’s how to guide to Instagram!

One simple step for man, one giant leap for Instagram advertising!

Creating an Instagram account is really simple, and if you’re quick, can take less than five minutes (don’t rush it now!). To start, head over to www.instagram.com. From here, you will be presented with a page that looks a little like the one shown below.

instagram account creation

As you can see, you can either log in via Facebook, or create a new account via an email or number. We recommend keeping things separate from Facebook and creating an account via an email address. Enter this (or your phone number if you really must) into the box that says ‘Mobile Number or Email’. If you are creating a business account, we recommend entering your main business email into this field, or even your personal work email (consult with your management as to which would be more beneficial).

From here, enter your name into ‘Full Name’, and your username into ‘Username’. Do not get these two mixed up if you are creating a personal account, as you will want to enter your full name into ‘Full Name’ (obviously). Your username can be something a little quirky, like a nickname from childhood. However, if you are creating a business account, you can simply enter your business name into ‘Full Name’. You will want your username to be associated with your business account as well though. For example, Magic Mouse Media’s username on Instagram is ‘@magicmousemedia‘. You will then be asked to choose a password. Note that if anything entered into the fields are void, you will be notified with a red cross. Click ‘Next’ to progress to the next, and final step.

instagram age

You will be asked how old you are….simply click the circle next to which answer applies to you. We assume that if you are creating a business account though, that you will be over 18, unless you are a wonder kid! Click ‘Next’ to create your account and finish the process! You will then be taken to an empty feed. Follow some accounts and begin populating it! Whether you have created an account for personal use or business use, it may be a good idea to start off by following a few friends and/or businesses you have previously worked with (or have a connection with). They will more than likely follow you back. Don’t be scared to even ask them to (especially if you are running a business account) to help get you off and running.

And you’re off and running!

And there you have it, your Instagram account is live! The digital world is really your oyster from this point onward, and there is loads you can do from here on. Whether that be using hashtags to search and engage, uploading photos or videos, or adding to your story, keep your eyes on the Instagram portal of our how to guide. We’ll be covering all of that and more in the coming days.

Until then, take extra care, and see you then!

The Magic Mouse Media Team