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How To: Post A Picture

Welcome to the next addition to Magic Mouse Media’s Instagram how to guide. In the first addition to our guide, we walked you through how you can create an Instagram account and join over 1 billion users currently inhabiting the digital world. Check that out if you haven’t already if you are looking to create an account.

Today, we will be walking you through how you can upload a picture. Better yet, uploading a video on Instagram works exactly the same way. Before you get started, it should be noted that while Instagram has a desktop version, we highly recommend that you download it on your mobile phone from your app store. Don’t worry, it’s free! You will gain a lot more options that you can utilise when it comes to Instagram, including the ability to upload a picture, and it is always better to try and use Instagram on your phone so you have these options available to you.

Open your Instagram account and navigate to your feed

To upload a picture or video, open your Instagram app and press the small plus button at the bottom of your screen. It can be found in the middle of the small white bar. Press it to be taken to the next screen.

adding a picture on instagram

On this screen, you will be able to select which picture or video you want to upload. You can choose pictures and videos from your camera library. You will also be able to scale the picture or video to fit in the frame. Take note of the infinity symbol, a box with three squares in it, and a box with multiple boxes behind it. The first option is ‘Boomerang’, which is an app that allows you to make and share mini videos that play on a loop, as the name suggests. The next one is ‘Layout’, and this allows you to put multiple pictures in one frame. We will go over Layout in another edition to this guide. The final option is ‘Layers’, and allows you to upload up to 10 photos and videos per post. When your post is live, you will be able to swipe along to view the different pictures and/or videos that make up the post. For the purpose of this guide though, we will just choose one picture to upload. Click ‘Next’ to advance to the next step.

choosing a picture

In this next phase, you will be able to apply a filter to your photo. This allows you to bring out certain colours and add gloss and shine to an image. There are loads of filters you can choose, so have a little play and experiment with them! It’s incredible what they can do with even the most boring image. They do wonders with images of food, for example. You can also select ‘Edit’ to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and more! Meanwhile, the wand at the top of the screen will enable you to adjust the lux of the photo. Tap ‘Next’ to advance to the final step.

If you are interested in learning more about filters, and discovering what one is the most effective to use, check out this great guide from iconosquare! It includes the top 10 filters used by Instagram users, and explains what filter is good for what photo.

instagram filters

The screenshot you see below is the final step of uploading a picture or video. You will be able to write a description that will appear below your post in a feed (be sure to include hashtags in the description! You can add up to 30, and we recommend you use all of them. Think of what your photo relates to, especially if you are doing this as a business account). ‘Tag people’ allows you to tag any users in your post, which is great if a photo/video includes a friend, or a product from a company you are working with. ‘Add location’ speaks for itself, and allows you to add where the location of the picture/video was. You can also choose to share your Instagram post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr by adjusting the sliders. Advanced settings allow you to turn off commenting, add alt text, and choose whether or not your post is automatically shared to Facebook or not.

Once you have got everything in place, press ‘Share’ to upload your post!

final step of uploading a picture

And that is how it’s done!

And that’s that! Uploading a picture or video to Instagram is really simple, but the results from uploading a picture or video to Instagram is fantastic. From a personal account point of view, uploading photos and videos are a great way to share your life story. Stick a photo of your friends wedding up, or share your latest piece of art you have worked hours on with your friends! Watch the likes flow in!

From a business account point of view, you can use Instagram to upload pictures of your team, previews of new products, or even a video of a tour of your office. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for taking the time to read the latest Magic Mouse Media guide. Stay tuned for the next addition to our Instagram how to guide, where we will cover how you can use hashtags in a post. This should be familiar if you have read our Twitter guide! Until then, take care, and see you then!

The Magic Mouse Media Team