It’ll all come good in the end. A week in review with Magic Mouse Media

Three weeks ago, things were quiet. There wasn’t any jobs on my books and I hadn’t had any enquiries to talk about jobs. I had sent over 100 messages out to different businesses in the North East and I hadn’t seen any return.

Fast forward to Sunday 14th April and I have just completed 4 filming sessions and got 5 filming days booked in for the following week. I just wanted to write this blog post to let you know that if you stay true to your inner motivation and compass then it will come good if you put the effort in.

I’m not by any means satisfied with where Magic Mouse is, this is just the beginning. But when opportunities arise, we take the chance and make the most of it. Gary Vee is big on 51/49. Giving just a little bit more in a relationship to hold leverage and this is what I am trying to implement.

This article was to explain to you that if you are self-employed and things aren’t going the way you want them to then that is on you. As harsh as that may sound, in the world of self-employment/entrepreneurship then you are the last in line.

Since my two quiet weeks, I made a vow to be more active on social sharing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to building a business. Being new to business there will be a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of lessons learned but I invite you along the journey with me. Through the use of the written word, video and visual effects to portray the continuous narrative.

This week we had 4 filming session in, Polton Training Academy, Radhuni, SK Spraying and Custom Coats. 4 very different businesses but one common goal, to drive awareness and promote their services which Magic Mouse Media will be able to help them with. Today will be spent in the editing suite bringing their visions to life.

Keep tuned for progressions made next week and make sure you are following/subcribed/liked our social media channels to keep up to date with what we are up to! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you on Insta/Facebook/YouTube 😉

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