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LinkedIn Advertising: The nitty-gritty

10 days into 2019 already! If the early fast paced nature of this new year is anything to go by, then we’re going to be in 2020 in no time at all! Magic Mouse Media are excited to enter our first full year assisting businesses with content creation and social media marketing, so expect lots of content across our social media channels and many blogs published as the year rolls on. Today we’ll be looking at LinkedIn Advertising!

Launched on 5th May 2003, LinkedIn was created in order to create an online business world, where people could connect with people who work in a similar profession (or not!), network and create new opportunities as a result, post and browse job listings, and view the previous experience and knowledge of other connections. It is also a great place for B2B related activities, and as a result, is an extremely professional website. Think of it as Facebook’s mature older brother!

LinkedIn Advertising Options

First off, as we did in our guide for Facebook Advertising, let’s take a look at the different options you have available to you when using LinkedIn Advertising. When compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn isn’t normally the best one to advertise on, with LinkedIn’s main focus being B2B interaction, and less B2C focused. However, this doesn’t mean that lead generation and increasing sales revenue through LinkedIn Advertising isn’t an option. We’ll cover the two best options we’ve found in this Magic Mouse Media guide.

  • Posts
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager


linkedin post
  • Let’s start off with the simplest way of advertising on LinkedIn, through the posting feature. This feature is almost identical to the posting feature on Facebook, allowing you to write a block of text, and attach an image or video to it. You also have the option to give ‘Kudos’. This feature is great if you want to give a colleague or connection a shoutout on LinkedIn, and is similar to tagging. You can also simply ‘@’ connections in the text itself as well.
  • While there are no limits to the amount of hashtags you can use on LinkedIn, we would advise using no more than five per post, to avoid looking ‘spammy’ and making the post appear cluttered. For more information on hashtags on LinkedIn, take a look at Social Media Examiner’s great guide on using hashtags for LinkedIn Advertising, and the best practises to put to use with them!
  • Consider attaching an appealing, but simple visual graphic to the post of the product you are advertising, or better yet, put your creative skills to the test and create a video! Keep your text short and sweet, and get straight to the point of what you are trying to advertise. Invite connections to message you to learn more, or attach a link to your website or other social media channels to invite engagement!
  • Don’t forget that other people can like your post, comment and tag other connections on your post, and most importantly, share your post too, enabling your post to be seen by a potentially larger pool of connections!
linkedin post final step
  • The final stage of creating a post is presented to you when you click ‘Next’, and you are allowed to customise who can see this post. We advise leaving it as ‘Anyone’ on LinkedIn, but you can set it too ‘Anyone + Twitter’, ‘Connections only’, or broadcast it to connections who are in the same group you are. You can also choose to modify whether or not people can comment on your post, but we advise leaving it so people can comment on your LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

  • Next up, we’ll take a look at the main event of LinkedIn Advertising, the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Think of this as the Facebook Ad Creation feature, but LinkedIn’s very own version! It’s worth noting that there is both a classic format of LinkedIn Advertising you can use, and a new format which is currently in beta. For the purpose of this guide, we will be taking a look at the beta of the new format (please note that not every feature of the classic format has been implemented in beta yet).
linkedin campaign manager
  • To access the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, click the icon that displays 9 little boxes, and select the ‘Advertise’ option. You can access a variety of other useful tools through here, but we will only be focusing on the advertising option in this guide.
linkedin campaign manager start page
  • You will then be taken to a page which shows you the different features of LinkedIn advertising, and what you can look forward to getting your teeth stuck into! For now though, select ‘Create ad’.
linkedin campaign manager intro
  • Next up, if it is your first time accessing this area, you will be asked to set up an account name, what currency type you will be using, and if you want to associate a company page with your LinkedIn Advertising account. Please note that to access some advertising options, such as video advertising, you will need to attach a company page with your account. Once you are done, click ‘Create account’.
linkedin campaign manager new menu
  • First off, you may notice the general layout of setting up a campaign is very similar to setting up an advert on Facebook. You need to select your objectives first, whether you want more traffic to your website, or are simply targeting lead generation. For the purpose of this guide, we will select website traffic.
linkedin campaign audience
  • Next up, you will need to select your audience. You will be given the choice to create a brand new audience, or use an already existing audience that you have used in the past. You will be able to select the language the advert will be broadcast in, and also select which location you want the advert broadcast to.
  • Unlike Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising gives you the chance to also exclude any locations where you do not want the advert to be broadcast to. This simply helps you narrow down your audience just that little bit more, if you are wanting your marketing efforts to be tailored towards a specific audience.
linkedin audience building
  • You can build your audience based on predetermined criteria, such as job experience, education, interest and what company they are currently working in. You can also use ‘Matched audiences’ to use data you have gathered from previous campaigns in order to retarget recent website visitors, or to help reach out to already known contacts and accounts who have yet to be fully converted yet.
  • As with excluding locations, you can also choose to exclude certain people from your advertising efforts. Please note that this cannot be used in a discriminating way.
  • Audience expansion can also be toggled on or off. This helps your advert automatically attempt to reach people who are similar to your target audience, based on attributes such as job titles, experience, and current employment.
linkedin advert format
  • You will then be asked which format you would like your advert to be based around. You can select a ‘Text ad’, comprised of mainly text, as well as a small image to the left of it, which will appear in a small panel to the right of the main feed, or at the top of the main feed.
  • The second option is a ‘Single image ad’, which appears in the feed, and will take the appearance of a normal post in the feed. This advert consists of an image, as well as a small block of text.
  • The third option you will able to select is the ‘Carousel image ad’, which also displays in the feed as a series of scrollable images (2 or more), as well as a small portion of text.
  • The fourth option is a ‘Video ad’, which again, will display in the feed, and is a video that can be played, as well as a small block of text associated with the video.
  • The fifth option available to you through LinkedIn advertising is a ‘Follower ad’, which will display in the column to the right hand side of the feed. This type of advert is great to help you to expand your following and influence by encouraging people to follow your account or showcase page.
  • The sixth option presented to you is a ‘Spotlight ad’, which is similar to a follower ad, the only difference being that instead of promoting a particular account or company page, this advert will highlight an offer that is available
  • The seventh option is ‘Job ad’, which are personalised adverts that help promote different jobs that are available in your company.
  • The eight, and final advert option that is presented to you is ‘Message ad’, This feature allows you to craft an advert that is delivered straight to a users inbox in the form of a message.
  • When selecting which type of advert you would like to use, keep in mind that you are not alone! LinkedIn Campaign Manager will help walk you through the steps to create one, as well as any guidelines you must follow when creating your advert.
linkedin advertising budget
  • Nearly there! Next up, you will need to determine your budget. You will be able to select whether your budget is a daily budget, a total budget, or both. Then, select the schedule of the campaign, whether you want it to run continuously, or whether you want to select a start date and an end date for the campaign. Finally, select your bid type (whether that be a Maximum CPC Bid, or a Maximum CPM Bid), and bid amount.
linkedin conversion tracking
  • Finally, you will have the option to turn on Conversion tracking, which allows you to measure what actions leads will take on a website after clicking on your LinkedIn. You will be given the choice to set how far along you want your potential lead to get through the selling process, or what actions you want your website visitors to take, in other words.

The final word!

And that’s that for LinkedIn advertising! The Campaign Manager section of LinkedIn Advertising is currently in Beta mode, and as such, you may experience a few glitches or funky errors along the way. You may notice that a few advertising features are also unavailable on this new format, but you can quickly access these simply by reverting back to the old format.

Rest assured though that LinkedIn will be working on this new format in the coming months, and as a result, will be introducing new features for you to play with, as well as ironing out any technical difficulties you may encounter. The new format is already a massive improvement on the old format in terms of ease of use, and fans of Facebook Advertising will feel right at home with this new layout for LinkedIn advertising.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this Magic Mouse Media guide on LinkedIn advertising. For any questions or queries regarding LinkedIn advertising, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and keep your eyes peeled for our next advertising guide, where we will be taking a look at the weird but wonderful world of Instagram! Until next time, farewell!

The Magic Mouse Media Team