Social Media Marketing: A Magic Mouse’s guide

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. Three words that to the untrained eye, seem innocent (and easy enough!) to understand at first. Okay, so I just take my normal marketing techniques, make a few tweaks here and there, and apply them to the online world. A Facebook post now and then, and a pretty Instagram picture everyday. Boom, social media marketing. What’s not to get?

If only it were that simple!

The 21st Century has seen rise of a whole new legion of ways to market. No longer is a product restricted to a stationary market stall, or an A6 flyer. With the power of the internet, and more specifically, social media, getting a product out there has never been easier. Sure, there are some difficulties in getting your target audience narrowed down, budgets allocated, and retaining an active and healthy following, but the fruits of your social media advertising labour will be massive with the correct steps being taken. Even hashtags have a complex algorithm behind them, and you really need to look into what one works best for your industry!

The Solution

Here at Magic Mouse Media, we have built a guide on different aspects of social media marketing, and compiled them into one place for your benefit. Each blog article has been written to carefully include the best pieces of advice, from industry experts out in the field to Magic Mouse’s own personal experiences in the industry. These are by no ways the definitive guides to online marketing, and we can’t promise you instant success. What we can promise is the best advice possible to help make your social media dreams a reality. We’ll keep you posted via social media when a new blog package is out, so look forward to that! We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so be sure to drop us a follow/like to be the first to know when your latest reading material for your work commute is live!

Happy Reading! Let’s take the digital world by force!






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