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Social media for business: Hints, Tips & Tricks!

Your business should be on social media. Having a presence on social media helps you boost your credibility, aids the ability to spread awareness, and if used correctly, can help you to acquire more leads. However, there are a good few social media platforms out there. Chances are you may already be active on the ‘major’ ones. But what about setting up a Pinterest? Have you ever considered YouTube?

In this blog, Magic Mouse Media will be taking a look at just some of the platforms you should consider setting up an account on to help your business, and how exactly you can utilise each platform to their full potential!



First of is arguably the most popular social media site, Facebook. Every business should at least have a Facebook page as a bare minimum for social media marketing.

You can share anything on the platform from your latest project to a super cool product that is releasing soon. Utilise photos to broadcast your wares to the world, and make use of videos to project ideas and giveaways in a unique way. You can also use polls to judge audience reaction to a specific project, or what they want to see from your business. 

You have access to powerful advertising and analytical tools for your business to make use of! For more information on Facebook advertising and other marketing options available to you, check out Magic Mouse’s guide right here!



Twitter is fantastic for quick, bite sized updates for your customers. Hashtags are an extremely powerful tool, and allow people searching for that specific business to find you easily and quickly, even if that person doesn’t even know your business exists! Twitter is less visual than other platforms, so consider sticking to this platform for major updates with the odd visual here and there.

Retweeting allows users to share your content to their following, giving your brand more exposure! Don’t just wait for people to retweet your content though! Be sure to engage with and retweet other businesses or peoples content to keep your feed fresh and engaging!

User the ‘@’ feature to quickly engage with other people and businesses on this platform, and create comment threads through tagging other people



A mostly mobile based experience, Instagram has taken the world by storm, and you can too. Utilise the hashtag feature for the same effect as Twitter. You are allowed to put up to a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, while more can be added in the comments! Each one can be used to reach a certain audience, so be sure to carefully craft each one.

Visuals are important on Instagram, with less focus on text as much as other other social media platforms. Take time to craft the perfect visual (or video!) to draw the users attention while they are scrolling, and use a quick, snappy line in the description to draw them in, perhaps redirecting to your bio containing a link to your website!

Instagram stories can be used to advertise a new product, or a quick insight into your business, such as the decoration of your new office, for example! When crafted correctly, ‘advertisements’ for your business can feel like the exact opposite, therefore causing more people to continue to watch them.



This platform is ideal for businesses and employees within their business to connect with people who work in their industry. It also allows you to seek partnerships and connections with people in your field of work!

The platform is less customer based, and more B2B (business to business) based. Therefore, try to limit the amount of ‘sales’ posts on the platform. This is the best platform to broadcast your company updates, and also list any new job openings, NOT the platform you want to try to sell a product on.

Keep a professional face, and post B2B related updates, such as events you’ll be attending, or projects you are working on.



The creation and regular posting of video content on YouTube is a viable marketing method for businesses in the modern day, and is a great way to boost visibility to your potentially large audience. You can also further increase your views on YouTube by sharing your videos to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter!

Popular YouTube channels have high quality content, and they post this content regularly. Use YouTube to upload video guides on how to use your product, or perhaps post vlogs of different events you have attended. Get interactive with users in the comments, and be sure to personalise each of these responses to be unique.

Be sure to give your videos descriptive and engaging titles, and include your businesses keywords and phrases! 



This platform is heavily based on visual elements, and you can organise different categories for different needs. It is best tailored towards businesses focused on a specific industry, such as food or beauty.

Working as a freelance photographer? Set up a board of your top photos for easy viewing! Working in the food industry? Create boards with your best recipes on them!

 It’s also a great idea to keep an eye on Pinterest for use of inspiration for different graphics and videos you could use for your business on other platforms you are more suited to you.



This platform is well known for its ability to let you send photos and videos to other users, where they will disappear once viewed (or once they have been replayed once!). You can also post to your stories, but these also vanish after 24 hours. Snapchat Stories are fantastic for creating interactive and story driven content for your user base. 

To conclude!

And that’s that! We hope this has got you thinking about how you can use the wide array of social media platforms out their to your advantage, as well as the best uses for each!

For questions about different social media platforms, and more info on how you think you should use each platform, get in touch with Magic Mouse Media to see how we can help you get the most out of your social media marketing! 

The Magic Mouse Media Team