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Selling on social media: 5 New Year tips

Social media, as touched on in a few of our other blog posts, is an extremely powerful tool to use not just for personal communications between your friends and family, but also from a business point of view. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are extremely popular platforms with a large pool of active audience users that are just waiting for you to potentially tap into. Therefore, selling on social media can become a vital, and lucrative, part of any business if done correctly.

Selling on social media, once you have the fundamental basics down, is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. However, there are a few handy tips and tricks to remember along the way to help make your conversions and sales significantly easier.

Join us for this latest Magic Mouse Media guide, as we look through the basics of selling on social media going into 2019!

Be where the people are

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It’s not just the theme behind the famous song from The Little Mermaid. As obvious as this may sound,if you want to start selling on social media, you need to be where your audience is, and in most cases, you can find them across a large multitude of social media platforms. It’s best to assume that your audience is already present on the main social media platforms you want to tap into, and they are of course Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are only active on one platform, branch out, and start creating regular content across multiple platforms! Make it so that people on each platform can find you, without the need for having to switch to another just to get in contact with you.

It may sound simple, but there are a surprisingly large amount of businesses out there who are only present on Facebook, or who may have multiple accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but are only ever active on Instagram. Find the right balance of posts for each platform, and post unique content to keep people wanting to check across all your social media platforms daily.

Tailor each of your posts to the different platforms, with video and post updates on Facebook, more customer centred updates on your Twitter, and visually appealing graphics on Instagram.

For a better idea of the different content you can put out there to help your goal of selling on social media, check out this great guide from Post Planner right here for free!

Give out information, and gain back in the long run

information book

In the world of social media marketing, your customers are often looking for a solution to their problems, or outstanding pieces of advice and insight on a particular subject. Therefore, start by interacting with your users. Update your pages with regular links to blogs on specific content, and if you are a producer of goods, consistently bring out new and exciting products designed to help and appeal to your customers.

The odd giveaway and fun competition every now and then can go a long way too! Everyone loves a giveaway, so it is worth considering how you could host one of the in order to attract customers. After that, it is important that you continue to offer more to these new customers in the form of regular content that is helpful and informative so that they stick with you, and don’t just disappear after the giveaway has run its course.

Reaping the benefits of your hard work may take a while to start off with, but it is always ideal to start early with your ‘giver’ role in this business and customer relationship. Strange as it may sound, when you are focusing on selling on social media, start off with the social aspect first, not the selling. With the right steps, the selling part will come naturally at a later stage.

More images can be better!


The right image crafted at the right time and published at the right time can make the world of difference, especially when selling on social media. On Instagram especially, sending out a good amount of images on a regular basis with the right content can reward you greatly.

Of course, you need to craft the right image for your campaigns and social media posts, and you can’t expect to just throw out any old basic image willy nilly and expect good engagement.

Relay important information through your image (such as a 50% off offer or a chance to sign up for a free trial for something you offer), and this will allow the image to better grab the users attention, and therefore, direct their attention to what exactly you are offering.

Reach out and use influencers as an extension of yourself


We’ve written a great little blog on personal branding and how you can maximise its effectiveness right here, and in that blog, we cover some of the perks and benefits of reaching out to social media influencers, so head over there for a little more information on social media influencers!

To give you a quick recap, however, social media influencers are people across social media (they may be present on multiple or just one platform) that specialise in their chosen field, whether that be health and beauty or games and entertainment. Social media influencers often have extremely large followings, so it may be worth getting in touch with a few to see if you can work together and form a partnership that will greatly benefit the both of you!

As they have a large following, people are more likely to trust them if they use and recommend their products or products to them, and as a result, are then more likely to check you out and purchase from you in the future. Working with an influencer can also help promote and showcase your business to a whole new audience, and possibly intrigue and get more people to know about you through simple word of mouth.

Tap into user generated content


When sharing content across social media, do keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be your content you are sharing. Not necessarily, anyway. While sharing other thought leaders articles and blogs on subjects relating your industry can certainly help to generate interest in your customer base, you may want to have a think about what your customer is saying about your business and product, and see if you can use this to your advantage.

If possible, take a look at what they are saying about your product, or highlight what a particular influencer thought of your latest release in their unboxing video. Transform this content into a more marketable piece of content using some quirky graphic design, or a unique video advertisement, and you may just see an increase in sales. Be proud of your good reviews!

People like seeing positive things, and if a customer of yours is initially hesitant about buying from you, seeing the splendid reviews other customers have left on your business may just help push them over the line and get them to make that all important purchase.

In conclusion!

And that is that! 2019 is set to be a big year for Magic Mouse Media, and we’re excited to really get stuck back into the groove of things after a relaxing Christmas period. There ain’t no rest for the wicked however, so expect more regular content coming soon, and more ways we can help you maximise your social media marketing and goals!

Let’s take 2019 by storm! Happy New Year everyone!

The Magic Mouse Media Team