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Twitter Advertising: A Magic Mouse’s take

It’s been a long and wonderful journey, but here we are! We’ve arrived at the last edition of Magic Mouse’s Social Media Guide. We’ve covered Facebook, we’ve nailed Instagram, and we’ve explained LinkedIn. Now onto everyone’s favourite blue bird platform…today we’re going to be taking a look at Twitter Advertising!

Twitter was launched on the 15th July, 2006, and it enables users to post updates and interact with other users using ‘tweets’. A direct messaging system is also available on the platform. Hashtags can also be used in posts, and work exactly how they do on Instagram. Simply search for that hashtag, and you will see all tweets containing that hashtag, regardless of whether you follow the user or not.

One of Twitter’s most unique features (and most annoying from a marketing point of view! So much to say, so little characters!) is that each Tweet is limited to 280 characters, recently increased from 140. Although, if you are reading this higher ups at Twitter, we wouldn’t say no to an increase to 300. Nice round number, don’t you think?

As with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter Advertising is extremely valuable, and while it may not be used as often as Facebook and Instagram advertising, that doesn’t mean it should be disregarded entirely. Hashtags are one of the most powerful free marketing tools there are, and with around 336 million monthly active users, you are bound to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right marketing.

Twitter Advertising Options

First off, let’s take a look at some of the different tools you can use to help advertise your product.

  • Standard Tweets (Photo, Video, Text, GIFS, Polls)
  • Promote a Tweet
  • Twitter Ads Campaign
  • Hashtags
  • Following

Standard Tweets

  • First off, let’s take a look at your bread and butter of Twitter, and in hand, your gateway to Twitter Advertising…Standard Tweets.
  • Standard tweets can contain only text, hashtags, a photo (up to 4 photos per tweet), up to one video, and up to one GIF. You can also tag different users in your tweet by ‘@’ing them. You also have the option to create a poll as well. What you choose to go for is down to you.
  • Emoji’s can also be included as you see fit (although we find it best not to include too many in a tweet). Standard posts, when paired with hashtags, can be a great way to broadcast an event you are attending, announce a prize giveaway, highlight a new blog post from your company, ask questions about what people would like to see from your business, or simply get involved in the trending hashtags!
twitter post
  • Take note of the small blue circle that is nearly full. This shows how many characters you have left to use. To get started working on a tweet, simply press the ‘Tweet’ button in the top right corner, or simply head to the top of your feed!

Promote a Tweet

  • Next up with Twitter Advertising, we’ll talk about promoting a tweet. Think of this as being similar to boosting a post when it comes to Facebook Advertising. To get started, click on the little icon with your profile picture in the top right, and select ‘Twitter Ads’.
twitter menu
  • The next screen will present you with two choices, whether you want to ‘Go to Promote Mode’, or ‘Go to Twitter Ads’. For the purpose of this section, select promote mode. Promoting a Tweet allows you to reach more people, helping with your Twitter Advertising efforts. Advance through this page and the next, and you will then be able to select your country and timezone.
twitter time zone and country
  • Click ‘Next’, and you will be asked whether you want to target people based on interests or location. For the purpose of this guide, we will go into location.
twitter location targeting
  • Next up, you will be asked to choose up to 5 locations to target. For the purpose of this guide, we will select North East England.
twitter location
  • Once you are happy with everything, tick the terms and agreements box at the bottom, and press proceed to continue. What happens next, you ask? Well, when promote mode is switched on, organic tweets that pass Twitter’s quality filter will be added to the daily campaign that targets the audience you previously selected. It is found that the first several tweets per day will get the best promotion.
twitter promo final step
  • This means that any future tweets, shares, links and media that you post will automatically becoming ‘boosted’ through this method.
  • Be sure to keep track of your analytics to see how many people your tweets have reached, follower increases, and profile visit increases.
  • Return to the Promote Mode dashboard at any time you want to cancel or pause a promotion you are currently running.

Twitter Ads Campaign

  • Next with Twitter Advertising, we’ll be looking at the meat of the product…the Twitter Ads Campaign. This is accessed by selecting ‘Twitter Ads’ from the same drop down menu you accessed Promote Mode from, and selecting ‘Go to Twitter Ads’.
twitter ad set up
  • If this is your first time accessing this area, you’ll be asked to input your country and currency. Please note that this cannot be changed later on, so double check everything is right before proceeding!
twitter ad choices
  • Next up, you will then be presented with the list of advertising choices available to you, and what exactly the purpose of each one is. For the purpose of each guide, we will choose to increase our follower count.
twitter follower ad
  • You will select a start and end date for your campaign (the end date is optional however!), your daily budget, and the total budget (this again, is optional). We recommend leaving the advanced pacing option at standard, rather than accelerated. Accelerated is best for when you are attending an event, and want people to know about this as soon as possible, for example, while standard pacing shows ads throughout the day as normal. On the right, regardless of what objective you have picked, you will also be given a brief overview of what your objective will do.
  • Next up, you will create an ad group. You can have up to 100 ad groups per campaign, and you will be able to set the start and end time for the ad set, what type of bid you will be running (whether that be an automatic bid or target cost). Additional options enable you to add an audience measurement tag and double click tracking.
twitter ad group
  • After this, you will move onto targeting, where you will select your audience. You will be able to select your audience, whether you want to include or exclude certain audiences from your audience (this can range from excluding mobile based audiences, or only including tailored audiences based on the web), whether you want to expand your reach by targeting users that are similar to you target audience, the gender and age range of the audience you are targeting, as well as their location, what language they speak, or even what technology they are using!
twitter audience
twitter audience part two
  • You will also be able to include or exclude certain demographics, andl also toggle whether you want Twitter Advertising to use recommendations (which targets the most popular hashtags and usernames in the last seven days that link to your target audience), and whether you want to try and engage with people who have previously seen or engaged your tweets.
  • Next up, you will have to select what tweets you would like to select to be advertised. Be aware that you must have already published a tweet to convert it into an advert!
  • When crafting the perfect tweet for each objective, remember that an appealing graphic or GIF can go a long way. Try to include up to 2 hashtags per post, and make sure they are relevant to what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are wanting to advertise for followers in the North East of England, consider using ‘#NEFollowers’ to further your goals! Nobody likes to read long blocks of text either, so keep it quick, simple, and to the point if you can! Be informative, and people will be more likely to check you out, regardless of what you are trying to achieve.
selecting tweets for advertising
  • Finally, to finish up this process, click ‘Next’ to review everything you have done so far. Give it a once over, and once you’re happy, launch your campaign for the world to see!
advert review
  • Remember to keep track of your analytics, by accessing it from the same drop down menu you accessed adverts from. This allows you to view follower increases, how your ads are performing, your top follower, your best performing tweet, and much more!
twitter analytics


  • We’ve mentioned it previously in this post, as well as in our Instagram guide, but we thought we would go over hashtags again quickly, as they can aid your Twitter Advertising efforts greatly! As mentioned before, hashtags are keywords of sorts that can be included in your tweets. They enable you to be found worldwide by people who may not necessarily follow your account, and can be a great way to join in a conversation.
  • Twitter recommends using only 2 hashtags per post if possible, but you can use as many as the character limit allow sin theory. This is because when you use more than two hashtags, your engagement drops by around 17%.
  • We advise that you keep an eye on the ‘Trending’ feed at the left hand side of your Twitter feed, and joining in relevant conversations to get your voice heard. Remember to apply the same practise as Instagram hashtags. Try to aim to use a hashtag that has between 20,000 and 2 million likes, so you are more likely to be seen in the crowd of people using these hashtags.
  • Hashtagify is great for allowing you to search the most popular hashtags on both Twitter and Instagram, so head on over and check them out!
trending on twitter


  • Nearly there! This is a simple and effective trick that can be used to net you a few extra followers through a couple of clicks, and while not exactly a form of Twitter Advertising, is handy to know! Everyone likes attention, right? And naturally, if someone follows you on any social media platform, you are going to want to follow them back. Well consider doing just that!
  • Try to look for accounts (keep it local if possible!) that have the same number of followers as following. Chances are they follow a lot of the accounts that follow them back. Simply follow this account, and expect a follow back! Who knows, maybe following the right person at the right time may lead to them becoming invested in your brand, and potentially becoming a loyal customer!
  • Do note that you can follow 5000 accounts total (this can be increased depending on your follower count), and you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to follow a boatload of accounts per day. Rather, try and think about what accounts could benefit from you following them, and try to do them in small batches. Don’t just follow any random account, keep it relevant to you and your business! Try and follow companies in your local area, as well as users who fit in your target audience mould. As a result, we would recommend following around 50 new accounts every so often.
  • If you want to know more about following, read more about following limits on Twitter here!
following on twitter

And that’s the end of the guide!

And with this Twitter Advertising guide complete, we have finally completed our Social Media Guide! Hooray!

We hope you found out something new while reading this guide for Twitter Advertising (I certainly did while writing it!), and we hope that you are now well equipped to take on different social media platforms, and make your mark on the world with your business!

Remember, this social media guide will always be here for you to refer back to, and who knows, as social media inevitably grows and changes in the future, we may add new pages to the guide in order to help you further. For now though, take care, good luck, and remember that Magic Mouse Media is always willing to listen to any questions you have regarding anything covered in these guides. Give us a shout, and we’ll be there! See you soon!

The Magic Mouse Media Team