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Magic Mouse’s How To Guide to Instagram

Hi there, and welcome to the Instagram portal of Magic Mouse’s How To guides. From this page, you will find all of the different how to guides covering Instagram, ranging from how to set up an account, how to use hashtags to search and engage, and even how to switch to a business profile , with regular content being added all the time. Dive in and get learning!


How To: Set Up An Account

How To: Post A Picture

How To: Hashtags Part 1 – Using Them In A Post

How To: Hashtags Part 2 – Using Them To Search And Engage (Coming Soon)

How To: Switch To A Business Profile (Coming Soon)

How To: Use Explore (Coming Soon)

How To: Add To Your Story (Coming Soon)

How To: Use Filters (Coming Soon)

How To: Use Layout (Coming Soon)