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Relax & Replenish – How they doubled their money

In this article, I am going to talk a little bit about a client that we worked with over the festive period. Relax & Replenish and Magic Mouse Media were connected through a mutual friend and also client, Lee Axon of T4 Training.

We were introduced as Alex (owner of Relax and Replenish) was looking for some promotional content to win him new business and drive brand-awareness across social media. Having some knowledge of how to run Facebook ads and seeing how they can benefit him was a breath of fresh air.

It was nice to see that Alex did acknowledge the power of social media and had already seen the benefits of the leverage it offers. At first, the request began quite simple. We were going to create a video for him to run as a Facebook ad with the times that he has available that week.

We had arranged for Alex to round up 3 clients of his to show that he works with many walks of life. Bodybuilders, fitness fanatics or office workers… It doesn’t matter. Relax & Replenish could cater for all and indeed would love to help his potential clients!

“It’s been a very good start to the year. Next week looks crazy busy aswell! Then I’m off on holiday the week after so it couldn’t be any better really”

Alex talking about the results of his videos.

Being a male masseur he wanted to make people aware that he can benefit many with his massages and using different demographics in the video would definitely help showcase this.

Upon discussion, we changed the direction in which we were going to do this. When we got talking about the benefits of Facebook advertising and how the ‘Sniper approach’ is more refined for the new era of advertising rather than the shotgun approach of a more ‘traditional’ media outlet.

It was decided that rather than one video, it would be more beneficial to work on 4 videos. The original one that we had planned, showcasing all four demogrpahics and then three individual videos showing what we dubbed, ‘Male fitness,’ ‘Female fitness’ and ‘Office worker.’

Naturally, it took a little longer to process this as our standard promotional video has a quick turnaround but delving a little deeper and creating four videos took a little longer but it was definitely worth the wait for him.

Generating over 11,000 views, 120+ new likes and doubling his investment. I would say that is ROI (return on investment) positive, wouldn’t you? Gaining Alex 30 new clients in January and February (traditionally the hardest months to gain new business) is a fantastic achievement.

This was all achieved with a £60 ad spend over the course of a month. Can you imagine… Having a marketing budget and being able to properly utilise it to DOUBLE(!!!!) your investment.

Magic Mouse Media not only provide content (written, visual and video) for businesses, we offer a consultation service where we can show you how to properly use social media for business purposes. This is a prime example of how it can be used to grow and gain new business.

Take a little look at the videos we created throughout this article. We would love to hear what you think about them. They are basic in their editing, no colour grading and only a few transitions etc, this being said, they were highly effective because they were made with Alex’s customer in mind and targeted properly during the ad process.

We were over the moon with how the media performed for Alex and would love to opportunity to help more businesses promote their services. A ‘promo video’ is just one way you can promote your business online. Utilising the three types of content, written, pictures and video you have endless opportunities to show your clients how it is you can help them.

If you would like more information on how we can help, feel free to drop us an email, head over to our Facebook/Insta/YouTube/LinkedIn and message us with how you feel we could help. In the meantime, enjoy the video and if you are based in Sunderland and need a massage, then I am sure that Alex of Relax & Replenish would love to help you!

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