mayfair gym sunderland

[Video] Mayfair gym, Sunderland

Welcome to Mayfair Gym. This family run business is located on Durham road as you come into Sunderland via the A690. Boasting 5 workout rooms, showers, steam room, rest area and more this facility was a fantastic experience to film in.

Having trained there previously with Lee Axon of T4 Training for Fat Lad to Fighter, it was an environment that I was somewhat familiar with. Jonny Hutchinson (owner of Mayfair Gym) also is a personal trainer and runs Next Level Aesthetics.

Thank you to Jonny and the team for letting us come in and showcase a little bit of what you do! Seeing all the hard work in the gym paying off must be a great feeling for you and your clients.

This video was put together in ONE DAY!! We began filming at 12pm and the video was ready and produced by 4 pm. We have a range of promotional content available and if this is something that interests you or you would like more information, get in touch!

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